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There’s a Paranormal Convention at a Haunted Asylum Coming This Spring

Paracon is coming to Pennsylvania in May of 2023.

Originally known as the Eastern Pennsylvania State Institution for the Feeble-Minded and Epileptic, Pennhurst Asylum is believed to be one of the most haunted locations in the state due to the terrible treatment those confined there received. After its forced closure in 1987, urban explorers began reporting paranormal activity there which was predominantly focused on the network of tunnels beneath the hospital. These scary stories and urban legends gained so much attention that official tours and investigators took notice, bringing the abandoned location a strange new life built on the ghosts of the dead.  

This now famous hotspot of spirit activity will be hosting Paracon 2023, a paranormal enthusiast and oddities expo, on May 19 - 21 in Spring City, Pennsylvania. Many vendors will be present with oddities, haunted items, and cursed objects available for perusal, as well as psychic mediums, supernatural investigators, and historical tours of the location.  

Pennhurst also offers paranormal tours of the underground tunnels and other locations reported to have ghost activity after 8 PM and running all the way until 2 AM. Guests are encouraged to bring their own ghost hunting equipment, however basic gear will be provided to guests who don’t have any. The tour does warn those who are pregnant to reconsider rescheduling, as it is unknown what effect these supernatural forces can have on the unborn. Or because it’s easy to fall or be bumped, some say that could also be the reason. We’ve heard it both ways. 

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