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Woman Tells Story of Grandmom’s Weird Paper Towel Habit and People Were Shocked to Learn What It Means

She’s practicing magic without even knowing it!

Most people thing that magic spells and rituals take specialized ingredients—things like eye of newt or dragon’s tongues. But that stuff can be difficult to track down at the local corner store, and that’s before you take into account current supply chain issues. Would you be surprised to learn that magic rituals can be performed with everyday household objects? So were a lot of people after watching the following video. 


In this video, a woman explains a ritual her grandmother used to perform in order to bind her troubles. Whenever her grandfather was complaining about work or difficult people in her life, she’d take a paper towel and run her hands along it in a particular way while he talked, transferring the energy of his words into the towel. As he’d detail whatever was going with him, she would begin to twist the towel up, coiling it in a way that was “mesmerizing.” At the crescendo of her husband’s story, the towel would be twisted over and over upon itself. “She would never say a word, she would never break eye contact” from her husband, who was telling the story of “who done who wrong.”

When the towel was properly bound and twisted over on itself, without looking, the woman would “flick it” right into the trash.

“Is that witchcraft?” The woman asks her viewers, rhetorically. Absolutely, it was.

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Her viewers agree. “Binding up the bad and throwing it away,” says one. Another, however is shocked. “My grandmother did this. I always just thought it was a nervous habit!” Others, too, wonder why their grandmothers would do these rituals, but never explained to the next generation what they meant or how to perform them. After all, we all have paper towels and troubles, too. 

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