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A Palmistry Expert Explains How To Read Your "Life Line"

All those wrinkles tell you your fate.

Palmistry is an ancient spiritual art that has its roots in China and India, though many cultures around the globe practice their own form of palm-reading. According to palm readers, the lines and marks on your hands and fingers foretell you personality traits and even your destiny. One of the most important lines on your hand—obviously—if your life line, but do you know how to properly read this line?

In this video, a palmistry expert breaks down the parts of your lifeline and how best to read the wrinkles on your palm.


According to this video, your lifeline can be broken down by seven-year intervals. Within these intervals, look for breaks, divisions, intersections, and other disruptions in the line. These are indicative of major events in your life—illnesses, moving, tragedies, even changing jobs.

In the comments, people go into more details about what different marks on your life line could mean. For instance, some people have complete disruption in their life lines, which disappear entirely and pick up later, or in a parallel life. Some people theorize this could actually mean a slip into a parallel universe, where you continue on in the life or your parallel self. Other people say this just means a reinvention, such as after a divorce or if you change careers in mid-life.

A “forked” life line can mean a deterioration in health and loneliness later in life.

Not happy with the story your life line tells? My favorite comment is this one: “That’s the thing when it comes to spirituality, you have to really take time to figure out what’s true and what’s BS.”