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This Is What It Means If You Have the Letter M On Your Right Palm

M stands for...

Palmistry is an ancient spiritual art that has its roots in China and India, though many cultures around the globe practice their own form of palm-reading. According to palm readers, the lines and marks on your hands and fingers foretell you personality traits and even your destiny.

This palm reader has an intriguing story to tell about a particular mark that is no often talked about. Though the letter “M” appearing on your hand is usually a sign of luck in modern palm reading (depending on the placement, it might mean “money,” “marriage,” or “mystic,” this M is slightly different.


According to the video, a small M appearing in the lower left quadrant of your right palm is called the “Morpheus Mark” and specifically denotes powers related to the spiritual realm. Those with this mark are “messengers of the Gods.” They have prophetic dreams, hypnotic voices, and a conduit to the divine. They have access to psychic powers, and can sense entities or spirits in the mortal world

“People think you’re a daydreamer,” reads a caption on the video, “but your soul dwells in a different realms.”

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Go ahead, turn your hand over and check out your right palm. I was shocked to see very faint lines appeared on my hand in the proper position. I always joke that I never get to see any ghosts whenever I stay in a supposedly haunted hotel. However, I do have incredibly intense dreams, and I’ve often been accused of having my head in the clouds.

What does your hand say?

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