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Goldie Hawn Shares Astounding Story About Speaking to her Future Child Via Ouija Board in Resurfaced “Oprah” Clip

This is so adorable!
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Ouija boards can be fun pastimes, but they can also deliver some eerie results. Many people are afraid of using the devices, worried that they will get in touch with some dark force or demon. For many, spirit boards or talking boards are the work of the devil, and the only entities that can be communicate in this manner are evil. Lots of people believe that there is no safe way to use a talking board.

But that is certainly not the case for Goldie Hawn, who relays this deeply moving and very sweet story that recently resurfaced in an Oprah interview from the eighties.

In this video, actress Goldie Hawn tells Oprah and her studio audience an eerie story about using her Ouija board one evening with her partner Kurt Russell and their nanny. She says that while the other two wore blindfolds (so they couldn’t see where their hands might move) and put their hands on the planchette, she asked questions and wrote down the board’s response.

She claims that the spirit coming through the board wasn’t a ghost at all, but rather, the soul of a “new baby Russell.” Further, she said that the spirit told her that it was her young son, Oliver (Hudson), who was “calling him into being.” Later, the board said “Bye, Mommy,” and the spirit departed.

Sure enough, she did have another baby (the actor Wyatt Russell), and when her son Oliver came to meet the new addition, he did not seem surprised. “He’s finally real and he’s mine,” the little boy said.

Talk about manifesting what you want into the world!

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