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Psychic Explains Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid of Ouija Boards

They aren't inherently evil.

Like a lot of people, I played with a Ouija board as a child. For me, it was just a silly game, and my friends and I definitely cheated at it, pushing the planchette in order to make the “spirits” say embarrassing things about the other players, or reveal their crushes to the whole slumber party.

But for others, spirit boards or talking boards are the work of the devil, and the only entities that can be communicate in this manner are evil. Lots of people believe that there is no safe way to use a talking board, but this psychic has a different perspective. 


In this video, TikTok psychic medium “The Lightseer,” with his trademark empathy and good humor, explains that he, too, was raised with the idea that Ouija boards were something to fear. But, he explains, they are not inherently different than any other method utilized to talk communicate with otherworldly beings. If you’ve ever used a pendulum, a crystal ball, a candle, or any other method of divination, you are opening a conduit with the other side. “It’s all the same, baby,” he says.

The secret, he claims, is to approach your attempts at communication with love, light, and positivity. “Remove your fear element. If you go into it with the assumption and bias of fear, you’re going to attract that elemental energy.“

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In the comments, people share their own experiences with these objects, good and bad. According to this medium, “Most people experience [negative] activity from Ouija boards because they haven’t developed the appropriate protections or knowledge.”

So study and then use with caution! It’s not just a board game. 

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