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Scientist Finding Osiris’ Tomb In the River Nile Seems to be In-Line With Egyptian Prophecy

For all our sakes in 2023… just put it back.

Claims of the discovery of the tomb of Egyptian god Osiris have recirculated as excavations of the Theban Necropolis continue. A ancient tomb on the west bank of the Nile river was constructed in the likeness of the mythical tomb of Osiris and has been under study by archaeologists since its 2015 discovery. This is only one of several “tombs of Osiris” that have been discovered, as many temples were built and dedicated to this prominent figure of the Egyptian pantheon. The most well known is the Osireion which is part of the funerary complex dedicated to the Pharaoh Seti. Osiris was known as god of the dead and the underworld and was depicted as having bright green skin and a pharaoh’s beard. 

Mythology says that Osiris was killed by his brother, Set, who conspired with others to lock the great god in a box which they threw in the Nile river before dividing the remains into fourteen pieces which were then scattered across the Egyptian empire. Isis, the deity consort of Osiris, searched the land for her husband and reconstructed him through magic over the course of twelve days.

The Osiris tomb discovery in the Theban necropolis is of great importance to the archeological community, according to the team lead, because the burial chambers contain undisturbed dead who have slept their eternal slumber under the watchful eye of Osiris. It is unclear why the discovery is receiving a fresh wave of attention, although some attribute it to the discovery of what is believed to be Cleopatra’s tomb which is located under a temple to Osiris. More skeptical folks think it may be connected to the upcoming Nintendo Switch release of the video game Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris which had been delayed to 2023.

History enthusiasts believe many interesting discoveries will lead to further information about ancient Egypt from studying the new Osiris tomb, but others believe this is part of the ancient prophecy to reunite the pieces of the deceased god who was only granted a temporary resurrection through the magic of his consort wife Isis. 

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