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What is the Mysterious Black Goo Found in the Osiris Shaft?

But still, probably don't touch it.

The Osiris shaft is a mysterious tunnel system connecting the Sphinx and Khafre’s pyramid that has several chambers and three different levels ending in a water filled chamber with a sarcophagus in the center. Scientists at the British Museum have analyzed samples of the mysterious black goo found in this shaft and adjoining chambers to find out what it really is.  

This man went on an exclusive tour that allowed him to record his descent to the very bottom of the Osiris shaft and see where this mysterious substance was found, coating stone sarcophagi on the second level of the shaft. Above the substance the ceiling also has black markings that some believe may be correlated to what is beneath. 

Egyptian black goo is not isolated to this location and has been found in many mummy cases, coffins, and tombs. There are a number of instances where this black goo was used to completely coat the case containing the mummified remains, almost as if to create an airtight seal. It is believed the color black was symbolic of the cycle of death and rebirth to the afterlife to ancient Egyptians and is often associated with the god Anubis who is portrayed as a black jackal and who was also deeply connected to the embalming and mummification process.  

Twelve different samples of this ancient black goo were taken for chemical analysis to see if its composition and ingredients could be determined. It was found to be created from a combination of plant oil, animal fat, tree resin, beeswax, and bitumen.

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