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Camera Alerts Woman To Activity Outside and She Cannot Explain What She Saw

What are those orbs doing?

The great thing about security cameras is that they can give you a sense of comfort, a way to know what might be happening out in your yard. The rough thing about security cameras is that they can put you on edge, jumping at every squirrel or bug or twig that strays too close to its sensors. In some cases, an overactive security camera combined with an overactive imagination might lead you to believe you are seeing the supernatural.


Perhaps that is what is going on in this video, in which security camera turns on in the night, then appears to record a mass exodus of a bunch of tiny orbs from the lawn. “Can someone please explain to me what this is?” the poster asks in the captions, including hashtags that are surely meant to read “psychic medium” rather than “physic medium.” Clearly, they are wondering if they are catching signs of ghosts.

But there aren’t many viewers who agree, with little wonder. It’s night time. Only imagine what might be the cause of a bunch of tiny little specks taking off from the lawn. Perhaps it’s nothing more than a predator like a frog or a large insect landing in that patch of grass and sending the smallest critters fleeing. Or maybe the insects were disturbed when the security light came on. There is very little here to suggest that whatever this was had a supernatural origin.

A few commenters are giving this video the benefit of the doubt. “You broke up a fairy party,” says one, which I have to admit is a cute idea. But in general, if the sight of a bug on your security camera is going to cause worry, maybe it’s time to cut off the tech.

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