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Orb Hovers Over Woman Who Fell Asleep on the Couch

It even reflects light off the blankets!

This woman swears she and her husband captured an orb on her Ring camera and that the footage is not faked or altered in any way. She fell asleep on the couch one evening and her husband had the strangest sensation compel him to check their security camera. A bright round light hovers over the figure curled in blankets and seems to shine a beam of light down on to her. It then travels to the other side of the connected couches and shines a light on that end and a nearby coffee table as it seems to inspect the area, almost like it is exploring or searching for something.  

This orb is so convincing that all the usual suspects for explanations such as dust or insects are thrown out the window, with commenters suggesting it must be a toy drone of some sort. The woman insists they do not own any drones and didn’t create this on purpose, believing it to be a supernatural occurrence. Another commenter suggests it could be a spiderweb which is brighter in the middle due to infrared but spiders do not tend to shine spotlights on the the things around them, and their webs don’t cast a strong enough reflection to do so either.  

This couple does not know what the orb is but welcomes folks to poke at the unedited footage for explanations - they want to know too! 

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