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Man Films Orange Orb UFOs in California

These stayed in the air for a long time.

One of the more unusual qualities of certain UFO sightings is that the objects can sometimes be seen to split into pieces or combine to form a whole in ways that defy what we understand as the laws of physics. Different UFO enthusiasts have different explanations for what is being witnessed in some instances.

One theory is the idea of the crafts themselves working like giant lego sets, which can be broken off and moved around at will both independently or as a group. Another is that the “pieces” that break off are just plasma energy being dispelled, the way our own booster rockets are designed to fall off and be discarded during space launches. However, that does not always explain the separation and recombination of UFOs that witnesses have documented.

Take this incident in California.


The people taking this video said the orb floated for over thirty minutes, stationary in the sky (so not dropped military flares) and would sometimes combine and separate to be as many as nine different lights.

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This video was taken in San Clemente, California, but on the same night, organic lights were seen in the skies as far away as San Diego and Tijuana.

On Reddit, a discussion of this incident on the r/UFOs subreddit concluded that it was drone behavior, but not everyone is as convinced.

“What makes this case interesting is the formation of the lights,”says on UFO enthusiast after reviewing the recording. “They don’t follow a flare pattern. Plus there was a helicopter and two airplanes surveying the area after the event, no military aircraft, or naval ships in the coast.”

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