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This Bone Chilling “Glass Gravesite” Lets You See Real Ancient Sketelons Buried In the Ground

It’s extremely eerie.

The archaeological site of Yin Xu, south of Beijing, is an ancient capital city of the late Shang Dynasty, ad is well over three thousand years old. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it displays many of the cultural and technical developments of the Chinese Bronze Age. Over eighty tombs have been unearthed at the site, including several that belong to nobles and one that is a royal tomb, that of the Shang Dynasty’s Fu Hao.

During the Shang Dynasty, ritual suicide was practiced by lower members of society, who would sometimes be entombed, alive, with royals or other nobility. It is possible that the bones visible in this excavation are examples of servants who were literally buried alive.


In the video, a crowd of tourists can be seen looking at the astonishing glass-topped burial tombs, in with you can see what the archaeologists first saw when uncovering the sites. Some of these tombs are said to hold as many as a hundred people, ritually buried to honor the royals who lie in state here. For that reason, many consider the Yin Xu site to be China’s version of the Egyptian pyramids.

The heavily inscribed “oracle bones” that were also discovered widely about the sight give more insight into the people sacrificed in these rituals. Though some were simply entombed with the nobles, others underwent grisly death rituals. These latter people were mostly young men, probably prisoners of war, and often died via beheading, boiling, or having their skulls smashed in.