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Quickest Witchy Tip For an Abundant New Year That Takes Less Than a Minute

Just open your doors real quick at midnight.

Do you want the fastest way to attract abundance this new year? At midnight simply open your front door and then the back door (or window for those with only one entrance). When they are both open, say “Blow out the old, blow in the new, blow out the false, and blow in the true. So mote it be!”  

The front door is often said in folklore to be the center stage when it comes to attracting or blocking abundance. The ancient practice of Feng Shui can help amplify this simple charm, so the changing of the year is a good time to paint your door in a color that pleases you and place planters around it ready to grow your favorite protection plants. It's also important to the balance of a home to have any walkways or paths that lead up to your home well lit at night, and solar powered light stakes are increasingly popular and energy efficient way to illuminate the entranceway.  

Another quick way to welcome wealth to flow in for the new year is washing your hands with a mixture of cinnamon and sea salt, which is a bruja witch tip that can actually be used any time and is not restricted to the changing of the calendar. Go forth into this new year and make it a glorious one! 

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