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This Old UFO Video Plays an Important Role in Current Disclosure

Watch it for yourself.

One of the challenges with getting decent video of UFOs is that they appear and disappear extremely quickly. Unless you’re ready with your stabilized, high-powered camera, t can be hard to get a decent shot of them—or any shot at all. Thus, many UFO videos are of low quality, taken at night or by zooming in with our smartphones. Is it any wonder that people are so quick to debunk videos of UFO encounters, even when people do manage to take them?

This UFO video was supposedly taken over a decade ago on a cellphone, from the window of a plane in Australia. It shows a pair of bright orbs flying in unison higher than the jet plane.

In the video, a voiceover claims that these same objects were shown in the recent congressional hearing about the UFO phenomenon, a move that would go far in proving this video is quite real. But….there are a few issues, as savvy viewers have pointed out.

One reason to suspect a video might not be what it says is if they give a lot of very irrelevant details, such as—in this case—repeating the name of the aircraft over and over. The video claims this is a Boeing 747-800, flying for Virgin Australia. Only Virgin’s fleet is filled with 737-800s, which is what is pictured here. Others question the repeated insistence on what kind of pone took this video (a Galaxy SII,,which was a top of the line phone camera at the time). Is the video filled with meaningless detail to hide the fact that it is nearly content free?

Maybe this video was used for part of the congressional hearings. Maybe it shows fighter jets, water droplets, or even UFOs. There’s no enough expertise or context here to determine the truth.

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