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Man Claims Old Mirror Contains "Creepy Glowing Black Eyes"

Every time the room steams up...
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There are some who claim that “every mirror in the world is haunted.” That mirrors are simply portals to another realm, and that unless they are properly sealed and protected, there may be something looking out at you other than your own reflection.

Well, that certainly seems to be the case with this gentleman on Reddit, who lives in a house from 1912, and says that one of the mirrors in his bathroom is super haunted.


This is what he claims to see: “After taking a hot shower, when the mirror steams up - my reflection in the mirror shows my eyes glowing with strange large black orbs that glow brightly. Really, really scary. Like a radiating halo of black in the center and then glowing white radiating out to approx. the distance of where my eye socket ends. It almost looks like a hole where my eyes are, like a skeleton. It's difficult to explain. It also hurts my eyes after looking for too long, not dissimilar to looking at the sun.”

He goes on to say that this effect occurs with every person who comes into the bathroom to see for themselves, no matter what their eye color is, if they are wearing contacts or not, everything. He claims it does not photographs and further, that if someone else is in the room and looks at the person’s reflection, it does not appear. That it only occurs when you look at yourself in this accursed mirror.

Commenters say he needs to get an expert in to cleanse and “seal” that thing at once. I think he might want to sell tickets.