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Don't Fall For This Old Bigfoot Video Making the Rounds Again

They paid big money to make it this convincing.
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One issue with social media apps like TikTok is that it’s so very easy for videos to be posted and reposted and soon lose all sense of context. Identities and locations are stripped, things are carefully edited, and it often becomes hard to tell what you’re seeing, why you’re seeing it, and if where it originated in the first place. This kind of problem is especially prevalent with “aggregator” accounts that scan the apps for clips regarding certain topics, and then just repost them.

This video purports to be of a news story concerning the sighting of a certain hairy humanoid cryptid we all know and love to watch: Bigfoot. But what is this “news story?” Where did it come from, and what is it really showing?

At the beginning of a clip, a man who looks for all the world like a newscaster reports that the footage we’re about to see was taken, “in Northwest Mississippi, by a hunter named Josh Highcliffe.” He also claims it’s either theist fake Bigfoot ever, or actual footage.”

Or maybe it’s neither. If you Google “Josh Highcliffe” and “Bigfoot” together, what you actually get is information about a rockumentary broadcast on the Discovery Channel nearly ten years ago. There is no such person as Highcliffe. He was an actor. The footage, similarly, is not real.

Sorry for the disappointment, folks. Remember, you can’t believe everything you see.

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