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Woman Convinced She Captured Video of an Old Fae Tree Spirit In the Woods

Did you see something in the trees?
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Tree spirits exist in many cultures, from the famous dryads of Green mythology to the Green Man or wild man of the woods from Medieval European folklore. Other cultures do not turn their tree spirits into humanoid shapes, but instead believe the trees themselves have souls.

This Irish woman believes in the power of tree spirits and knows that when she walks in the woods, she never walks alone.


In this video, the woman reports feeling as if she’s sensing a companion during a stroll in the woods, and so takes out her camera to film a sweep of the forest surrounding her. When she looks at the video, though, she catches what looks like a spirit standing up behind her, buried in the trees.

Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

In the comments section, viewers either see it and are amazed and terrified, or have absolutely no idea what everyone else is going on about. I admit, I had to watch the video a good half dozen times before I was able to detect anything unusual in the image. Does that mean that my heart and mind are not open to the unearthly realm? Perhaps.

Many say it looks like tree spirits they are familiar with, and the creator calls the entity an “old fae.”

But not everyone is excited about the fact that the woman shared her experience online.

“Ooooh it be bad joojoo to be showing or telling others of your personal experience with the Daoine sìth now,” warns a viewer.