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Ghost of Their Old Dog Likes to Play With Their New One

Guess they don't need to go to the dog park.

Some dogs are very sociable, and prefer playing with other canines even to walks or a game of fetch. For these friendly pups, the chance of a playdate with another dog is one they will never turn down, even if it means joining in from beyond the grave. In this video, a security camera catches two dogs playing in the backyard. The only problem is, only one of them is truly there.


The video, which is carefully slowed and looped to provide context and vehicle, show a happy puppy hopping around the back patio, looking expectantly at something behind him. As it turns toward the camera, presumably to engage in a rousing game of chase, a blurry, dog-shaped image passes in front of the screen. This transparent shadow of a dog captures the attention of the living dog, who follows its path, only to pause, confused, as the creatures vanishes.

After that, a door is opened on the left side of the screen, as if a person is coming out to see the commotion. The dog looks around for its former companion, but the ghost dog is gone.

Anyone who has experienced the loss of a beloved pet is familiar with the desire to see their pooch again, to have one more snuggle, one more walk, one more game of fetch. And for bonded animals living in a house together, the pain can be every bit as great, which is why experts recommend allowing a period of mourning for both humans and animals sharing a household when another pet dies. The idea that a dog might come back for a doggie playdate is a heartwarming one, indeed.

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