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One of the Oldest Graves In Oklahoma Belongs to a Witch’s Resurrected Lover

She tried to bring him back and it went horribly wrong.

Skiatook, Oklahoma is home to a special burial plot known as the Witch’s Grave. The folk tales say a witch lived in the area and when her lover died she used all the black magic tools at her disposal to try and resurrect her lost love back to life. The townspeople were so frightened this dark magic might work that they buried him in cement so he would never be able to escape. 

Burying her deceased lover in cement seems fairly mild compared to some of the measures taken to protect against witches practicing dark magic in older times, as witches themselves were often prosecuted - sometimes to the extent of death. The Malleus Maleficarum was a book written to outline the demonic worship practiced by witches and how to prosecute them for those crimes and led to thousands of women being burned alive or otherwise murdered during the witch-hunt craze of early Europe and Colonial America. 

Some claim the legend has a slightly different perspective and the man was actually buried in cement not because the townsfolk were concerned about the dark magic raising of the dead but because of the practical problems of somebody literally raising the dead by digging them up. That version of the folk story says the woman kept digging up the grave to try and resurrect her lover and then the people would have to go and drag the body back to the cemetery and re-bury it. After a couple of times they got tired of doing that and thought cement might stop the grief-stricken woman from another attempt. 

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