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Minnesota Woman Takes Photo of Cloud That Looks Like the Ocean

Is it a glitch in the Matrix?

When most people think of clouds, they imagine fluffy cotton-ball cumulus clouds, wispy cirrus, or towering, dark cumulonimbus thunderheads. Anything else in the sky seems….well, a touch unusual. Is it any wonder that people go nuts every time they see a flying saucer shaped lenticular cloud, or why there are so many conspiracy theories about jet trails, which are simple expulsions of water vapor at high altitudes where planes travel?

This woman caught a most unusual image of gathering storm clouds recently—in the picture, they look alarmingly like waves breaking on the surf. As the photo went viral, folks thought it was either photoshopped, or we were experiencing a glitch in the simulation.

In the video, a man is showing this alarming image and claiming that it is proof that we’re all living in a simulation, and it’s not performing properly, putting images of the sea where the sky should be.

But what’s really going on?

Y’all, it’s just a picture.

In an interview, the woman insists hat the photo is not a fake, just a lucky catch. “I am happy so many people are enjoying it,” says the photographer, Theresa Birgin Lucas. “It truly was just a quick picture taken off my iPhone 8, which cracks me up. It is a Live Photo — it’s funny to watch it, music playing and bug splats on my windshield!”

She has named the photo “Ocean in the Sky” and entered it in several photography contests.

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