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Florida Fisherman Spots Glowing Green Shapes Crash Into the Gulf of Mexico

Is it radioactive?

A family fishing on their boat off the coast of Sarasota Florida were stunned when they saw several smoking shapes fall out of a clear blue sky.

Curious as to what they were witnessing, they took their boat toward the marine crash site, and that’s when things started getting weird: their communication systems went down, the surface of the sea smoked, and the water glowed a mysterious green color. See more below.


So what was going on? Had they accidentally stumbled onto the next UFO crash site, or is there an explanation for what they witnessed?

While their communications troubles remain a mystery, the glowing green water was not an indication of extraterrestrial radioactivity. The substance is called “sea dye” and is a fluorescent substance used by both military and civilians in maritime emergencies and to mark the places that planes, or people have hit the water. The dye markers can be placed in rafts, life vests, or on drones or other craft, and disperse when they hit water, lasting up to forty minutes from impact. Studies have shown they are more visible to rescue pilots than flares, smoke, or other signals. The dye is an organic compound known as Uranine, a non-hazardous fluorescein sodium salt that can also be used to trace currents, riptides, or the spread of harmful pollutants.

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As for what was in the water, well, it could be anything from remnants of a military exercise to fallen drones or even rocket boosters. The fisherman certainly didn’t stick around to find out!

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