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CNA Shares How to Really Help Folks Who Are Ready to Die Transition Peacefully

And no, it’s not pretending like nothing is happening.

Death is a part of life. It is an inevitable eventuality, and it does no good if, inner fight to prevent, we refuse to allow that it does exist and there must be ways to also come to terms with it and accept it in our culture. This will be of great help and relief to both the dying and their loved ones.

In this video, a nurse’s assistant explains how she speaks to the dying people in her care—with empathy and understanding, validating their personal experiences and not denying to them that what they know is happening is real.


In the video, she recreates a conversation with one of her dying patients, a woman who says she believes it is her time to go. When her colleague says she should not discuss death, the nurse shuts her down and instead she talks to this patient on her level, asking her who she expects to see in heaven and getting her to discuss her love for her family and her God.

This nurse’s assistant knows what many experts in the space of death and dying are trying to teach others. Death educator and counselor Martha Jo Atkins writes, “Instead of feeling lost, fearful, anxious, and wondering am I doing this right? imagine feeling a sense of calm and hope around dying you didn’t know was possible. I’m not pretending this time isn’t difficult. Even though it’s painful, there exists a place inside you can tap into, one that allows you to lean in to what’s happening instead of pulling away so you can fully embrace everything that’s happening.”

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