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Woman Claims a Not-Deer is Watching Her Sleep

It came back every night.

Most people don’t worry about deer too much, thinking them quiet and easily startled creatures who shy away from humans… unless you live in Appalachia. The inhabitants of the ancient mountain range, born violently from the earth’s continental collisions form before dinosaurs even crawled out of the sea, know about the deer that aren’t quite right. The deer that are almost, but not quite, like deer. Oh sure, most deer are fine and normal but wherever you can find them you can find the other deer, the Not-Deer.  

This woman discovered the creepy and unsettling feeling that encountering a Not-Deer leaves with you, while she was vacationing in the Appalachian mountains. Her days were perfectly lovely but at night the Not-Deer would come, standing on two legs and staring in through the window at her. One night would have been alarming enough, but each night this cryptid of legend would return to pace the window on two legs and watch her the entire night long.

Descriptions of the fabled Not-Deer often vary, but a common witness claim is that they are often seen as bipedal, sometimes seeming to shape shift to accomplish that bizarre feat. Other commonalities between sightings report an unusual number of eyes or limbs, but almost always the witnesses report a dark and terrifying feeling accompanying these slightly wrong deer. Often the feeling of dread is noticed before the anomalies of the Not-Deer are even spotted, with the witness not looking closely at the “deer” until trying to figure out why they feel creeped out all of a sudden. 

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