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People Convinced Deer With Strange Nostrils Growing Out of its Eyes Is an Alien

It's not a Not-Deer, it's a muntjac.

If you’ve never seen a muntjac, it’s understandable to be confused and maybe a little bit horrified by what is happening on the face of this strange and unusual deer. Just beneath its eyes are weird nostril-like orifices that seem to pulsate and push out its insides while corresponding patches of skin between the eyes seems to bulge and flare. Other than the seemingly impossible things going on with its face it appears to be a totally average deer.  

This isn’t an alien deer though, nor is it the fabled Not-Deer of Appalachia, but is the muntjac deer native to Asia. They are an invasive species though, and have made populations in the United Kingdom after some escaped from a private estate. The strange nostrils beneath their eyes are essentially just that - scent glands. This species of deer is able to essentially open these glands so wide they can turn them inside out. Studies say these glands are used for marking territory, however the deer in the video is clearly using them to sniff the food being offered. 

Strange facial orifices aren’t the only unique feature of this lesser known species of deer, as many also grow short tusks that resemble fangs making it appear much more fearsome than it actually is. They are also of interest to the scientific community for having a dramatic number of chromosome variations, including the lowest recorded number of chromosomes in scientific history. This is particularly interesting for the age of the species itself which can be dated through fossil records back to the Miocene era between fifteen and thirty-five million years ago which could shed light on evolutionary history as well as potentially informing what other prehistoric animals might have looked like on a genetic level with a lower chromosome count than expected. 

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