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Witchy Things Not to Bring to the New Year

Everybody loves a good rant.

The end of the year is traditionally a great time to throw out all the things that are causing toxicity in your life, and the witchy community is no different. This woman gives a hilarious rant on some things that have crept in that we should sweep right back out.  

First on the list, she calls out the terrible advice to stop taking medication for spiritual enlightenment, citing that as a bold faced lie. Medical treatment doesn’t prevent spiritual enlightenment, for whoever needs to hear it.

Second on her list is the far less impacting hot glue debate. It’s fine to use hot glue in your arts and crafts, she reminds people it’s “witchcraft” not “witch-boring”. She encourages people to stop telling others they can’t use this modern convenience when making things.

She also encourages the respect of closed religious practices and believes we should start listening to indigenous peoples who advise against use of some of their practices by non-natives. She also encourages to leave “joining cults” behind when we move forward into 2023, citing many of these dangerous online groups should be obviously bad news to anybody with common sense. 

Wicca in and of itself is not inherently a dangerous cult, however any religion can be manipulated for negative use to target estranged members of a demographic. The best guard against cult-like practices is a healthy and supportive community that cares for all the members and treats others with respect and kindness. 

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