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Medical Intuitive Explains Spiritual Meaning Behind an Itchy Nipple (Yes, Really!)

Has this been happening to you?

I know this sounds ridiculous, but hear me out. Throughout human history, folks have used far more ridiculous things for divination. The ancients used to believe the future could be told from the shapes and placements of organs in sacrificed animals. Even today, millions (if not billions) believe that deep personality traits are governed by the positions of stars halfway across the galaxy. And strange things happening to your body have long been the subject of various superstitions. If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “are your ears burning?” In relation to someone gossiping about you, you are familiar with this sort of body-based divination. How come it can work for ears but not nipples? Makes no sense, right?

And according to this video, itchiness of the right nipple has a “pretty significant meaning” (beyond needing to change your detergent).

The video was created by a woman who describes herself as a “medical intuitive.” Recently, she had a serious bout of “itchy nipple.” After addressing all the physical concerns, such as proper moisturizers and crumbs in the bra, she sought to see if there was something metaphysical going on, contributing to this mystery ailment.

In her research, she discovered that some believe that itching in your right nipple is a sign that someone is jealous of you, and that you should be keeping your secrets “close to the vest.”

No word about what it means if it’s your left nipple that itches.

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