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A Simple Magical Trick To Protect Yourself From Nightmares

I'm going to try this tonight!

Nearly everyone has experienced nightmares in their lives. The word nightmare derives from Old English. Where the word “mare” means a type of demon or goblin that invaded your dreams. For some, nightmares are a rare annoyance, but for others, they can be common, truly disturbing, and a barrier to getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep specialists advise not getting overheated at night in order to lessen your chance of nightmares, but there are non-scientific, witchy waist prevent being tormented by dreams as well.

In this video a witch puts forth her own folk remedy for peaceful dreams


In this video, a woman claims that her favorite preventative measure against nightmares is the spice known as star anise. She takes down a positively mammoth jar of the seeds and pulls a few out. “I like to do things in threes,” she tells the camera, indicating that your satchet of nightmare-cure should hold three, six, etc. whole star anise pieces. She says to put it in a bag, slip it under your pillow and relax Your nightmares will be banished.

“Guess my pillow is gonna start smelling like pho noodle soup,” remarks one viewer. Another says they did this accidentally (how???) and now swears by the remedy. “Is there anything you can do to make star anise not smell like star anise? I can’t stand it,” asks another.

Star anise has long been considered a “dream herb” by several spiritual traditions. A spice of protection, some also put it in bedtime teas or infuse it in oil and anoint to wrists and temples for ease in sleep.