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Night Vision Camera Appears to Have Caught Figure Dashing Through Bedroom

Um, that is super eerie!

One of the problems with aging is that people begin to doubt your mind and your memory. An elderly person shared this fear with their caregivers because the strangest thing kept happening to them - they would close the closet doors just to find them mysteriously open again. Their thoughtful caretakers decided to set up a night vision camera to settle the matter but found something unexplainable was happening. A strange creature just higher than the foot of the bed can be seen running full speed across the room and then seems to become transparent and disappears into a wall.  

Some claim this video to be proof of a duende caught on camera, a creature comparable to a gnome, leprechaun, house elf, or Huldufolk depending on your mythology of choice. These hidden people are said to share our physical world but inhabit a parallel plane which is why they can seem to disappear in thin air after being visible to humans. 

These fae creatures sometimes choose to adopt human homes or families and can at times be a mischievous friend. Many cultures believe these house sprites can be befriended to lessen their tricky ways and gain their favor to be helpful around the house. Small gifts of sweets and intoxicants are often tied to their willing assistance, such as cream, honey, or wine. Gifts to the creatures of Faerie are precarious things, as some view payment for their favor as an insult while others appreciate the collecting of gold and treasure, and yet others still can be set free by the gift of clothing.  

Is this creature caught on camera a ghost or a friendly house sprite in need of appreciation? Some say it’s neither and merely a dog or cat running across the room, but despite that possibility the owner of the home insists that is not the case.

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