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Night-Shift Worker Sees Strange Lights That Look Like Mordor

Somebody chuck a ring in it, just in case.

The sky is pitch black and there is well-packed snow on the ground but this night shift worker waits for the strange light he knows will come. He knows he will see it because he sees it every night, comparing it to Mordor from Lord of the Rings. A red beam seems to pulse toward the sky from a soft glow on the dark horizon. It has yet to be identified.  

Similar light beams have been seen higher up in the sky without any seeming ground point origin, however these were all attributed to a natural light phenomenon known as sun pillars which are created by ice crystals casting a vertical reflection from the light of the sun - often as it sets or rises. The word “sun” in the name does seem to indicate it can’t happen at night, and it also seems to be originating from the ground rather than the sky.

This mysterious red beam of light also bears similarities to a recent green laser beam seen flying the skies and scanning the ground, although the color and point of origin differ. Could it be a large laser being fired into the heavens instead of scanning the ground?

Another possibility is a light pillar is forming around some ground source of light making it appear as if it’s a beam, although we may never know unless some brave soul gets closer to investigate the source. 

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