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Security Guard Captures Eerie Laugh While Working the Night Shift at a Mall


Have you ever been alone in a mall at night? Retail workers know that strange hush that falls over the building, the way you don’t leave alone and talk a little too loud with your coworkers on the way out. The shadows become foreign and unfamiliar when all but the main lights are shut off, and everybody does that too fast walk rather than admit the atmosphere turns creepy when everyone has left for the day. But not everybody leaves at night, because sometimes there is security. This security guard shows everybody what it’s like and an eerie laugh comes out of nowhere, leaving him saying “Nope!”

Other malls are also rumored to be haunted, with tales spreading through the worker ranks of eerie things that happen at night. What unfinished business do these spirits have at the retail capitals of every town and city?

Some tales attribute these hauntings to ghosts that became tied to the area before the malls were constructed, but many urban legends say these are the ghosts of disgruntled employees who have stuck around to warn others away.

Skeptics say the laughter in this video must be from a children’s ride or a defective toy in one of the stores, but who is brave enough to go investigate alone? 

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