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Woman Creates and Publishes Her Own Dream Journal

If you don't have time to make your own, store bought is fine!

Dissatisfaction with currently available commercial products drove this woman to create and publish her own dream journal to share with everybody interested in examining their dreams further. The book is titled “Wait, What Did I Dream Last Night?” It contains 120 pages with dream templates to let you consistently record things such as the time and date, interpretations, and other relevant notes. It also boasts a high-gloss finish for paper quality enthusiasts.  

It’s quite fashionable to make your own personalized handmade dream journal, but if that’s not something one considers fun than pre-made journals are a great solution and offer a beauty and elegance lacking from jotting down your dreams in the nearest three subject, spiral bound, floppy, old notebook.  

The practice of writing down your dreams each morning is said to help increase one’s ability to remember dreams before they fade into waking thoughts, and to even increase the number of dreams one experiences. This is often practiced by those who claim to experience lucid dreaming and encouraged among those who would like to learn that ability for themselves. 

Keeping record of both conscious and unconscious dreaming allows believers in divination and dream signs to go back later to examine the dreams for signs and symbols that could be signals from the subconscious mind trying to shed enlightenment on things the conscious mind has been pondering. 

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