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Man Returns Home From Having His Dog Cremated To Find A Strange Pooch on His Porch

Is it a sign?

One of the most moving things I’ve ever heard about losing a pet is that, while they are only with you for a little while, you are their entire lives. For animals like dogs and cats, their lifetimes are so short compared to ours that we experience many instances of pet loss throughout our pet-having years. I have a friend who absolutely believes that her current dog is a miniature reincarnation of one she had in her youth that has come back to find her again.

But for this gentleman, a dog has found him again so swiftly that it couldn’t possibly be a case of pet reincarnation, but rather a sign from beyond.


In the video, a man walking a dog explains that his dog died just last night, and he took the body in to be cremated. But when he arrived home from that doleful trip, it was to find a nearly identical dog waiting for him on the porch.

“Sir, that’s your dog,” his neighbor says, shocked. She takes a picture of the new “happy family,” stunned to note that this brand new dog posed perfectly, pressed up against his new master.

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Later, the man reported to her that the dog sleeps on his bed, has perfect manners, and eyes the color of his old dog’s fur.

They both believe that this dog was a special gift, sent by God or maybe the soul of their old dog to give this man comfort in his loss. Talk about a dog’s purpose!

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