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Man Shares Details of His Claimed "Near Death Experience"

This sounds so peaceful.
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Some people who have had experiences which bring them close to death, but are able to recover and return to the land of the living describe wondrous things, some beyond the realm of human understanding. Occasionally they are tinged with flavors from the faiths held by those who experience these occurrences, but they most often tell stories of profound peace, love, joy, and light.

This man has a beautiful story of what happened to him when he almost died.

“I started noticing golden sparkles and was soon enveloped in an ethereal cloudlike mist.” He went on to say the mist was singing, some kind of beautiful mystical music. He said at that point he felt as if his own body was dissipating. After his body vanished, he said he became a pure, dark blue presence, which he describes as a purified form of his own personality. He said that this form of existence felt to him far more natural and right than any form he’d ever been in on Earth.

Separation from his Earthly self, in fact, played a large part in what was happening to him. He said that as his attention focused on the golden light, he came to realize that every part of his life on Earth was a minuscule speck of reality. He likens it to dipping your toe into a vast ocean and then taking it out again.

He also had plenty to say about the golden light. According to his account, it emanated a complete and perfect love, one that was eternal and ever-present, no matter what the circumstances the person might do.

He says the golden light “directed” him to another blue orb that he felt he knew intimately, like the closest of all family reunions. He also claims to have seen many other colors of “orbs” in the space, all playing together in the most joyful and heavenly way.

In the comments, people say that this reminds them of their own experiences with coming close to death, or has been similar to the kind of things they witness when overseeing someone else who is in the process of moving on from this life. Stories like this are bound to bring a sense of peace to those who are touched by death, to know that they or their loved ones have only love and joy to come.

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