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Man’s Story Of His Near Death Experience At 11 Will Give You Chills

His message is important.
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Content Warning: This post contains details of alleged child abuse 

There are countless belief systems about the nature of the afterlife, and many believe there is none at all. I for one try to keep an open mind, understanding that my beliefs and experiences might not match another’s. But no matter what it is you believe, it will be difficult to remain unmoved when you listen to this man’s heartbreaking story. 


In this video, a young man describes an emotional and harrowing experience he suffered at eleven years old when his mother, in the grip of a mania brought on by mental illness, drug use, or both, locked the two of them in a motel bathroom and proceeded to torture the poor boy until he nearly died.

Or maybe he did die. In his moving account, the man relates remembering passing out after she tried to drown him in the bathtub, and floating above his body. He recalls looking down on himself, naked and unconscious on the bathroom floor, then up into the tunnel of light that so many others who have gone through this describe. He recalls seeing orbs and angels not unlike the many-eyed, many-winged creatures described in the Bible.

And then he woke up, “clutching a Sprite at the foot of my mom’s bed and watching the Simpsons.” It is details like this that are the most heartbreaking in the man’s account, as the horrific experience was indelibly imprinted on his brain as a child. But, he says, it left him knowing that he has a purpose on this earth.

“I live every day with one foot in the grave,” he explains to viewers. “Every day I try to find a reason why I’m still here. It’s difficult, but there has to be a reason.”