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North Carolina Woman Insists She Saw UFOs in the Sky Over Woods

What are those lights?

It’s important to remember that “UFO” just means “unidentified flying object.” It doesn’t necessarily mean that the origin of the object is an alien one. After all, if you don’t know what it is you’re seeing, it could be a bird, a plane, or even a satellite. The thing is that is is “unidentified”… by you. But there are things that might be unknown to one observer and known to another. That’s why I think that it’s not bad when folks on social media post what they think is a UFO, even if it ends up being something very terrestrial. It’s not a “fake” — it’s simply not understood by that particular observer.

But it helps if the observer in question is open to alternative explanations.

This video was captured along a highway outside of Raleigh North Carolina and shows a mass of strange lights in the sky. Other lights zip toward it and away, before the entire “object” —if that is indeed what it is— vanishes.

But….it’s probably not an object in the sky at all. Just the reflection of ground-based spotlights off of clouds.

To be fair, this woman does suggest in her caption that what she’s seeing is a “Christmas light show”, however, in comments, she insists that there’s “nothing around but woods.” However, she is also, as she states, outside of Raleigh, North Carolina. It’s not exactly a barren wasteland. In comments, multiple people point out that reflections from spotlights can be sen for miles and miles, and just because there are woods in her immediate vicinity does not mean that there isn’t a car dealership, restaurant, or even a “Christmas Light Show” a few miles away.

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