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Is this North Carolina House Really Haunted?

I'm just saying, the minute it took my baby, I'd be outta there...

There are some houses that are a little off. There are some that are very haunted. And then there are some that, no matter what amount of money I’d sunk into the property, I’d be packing a bag and abandoning to its demonic fate. So I’m not sure what is going through the minds of the people in this North Carolina family, who have been steadily documenting the creepy things that have been happening on their gorgeous and very “haunted” property for at least a year. Strange shadows, bumps in the night, and neighborhood lore about dark deeds in the house are bad enough. Human remains discovered under the hot tub and witchy artifacts found in hidden rooms are certainly red flags not to ignore. 

This latest video, though, strains all credulity, especially since the man of the house claims that it was taken a year ago, and purports to show a time that, while recording a mysterious serious of “knocks” coming from the ceiling, their child briefly vanished.


In the video, the gentleman is recording a vent in the ceiling from which you can hear three little knocks. He briefly focuses the camera on his toddler daughter, standing in the room with him (despite his salty language towards the knocker!) He focuses on the ceiling again, then seems to notice the child is gone. Thus follows over a minute of him looking for her all through the house, while still holding and recording with his phone. He checks her empty room, empty closets, empty hallways… then hears her crying and returns to her bedroom to find her mysteriously transported to her crib!

Many viewers wonder if the whole thing is faked, and after watching this video, I have to say I’m beginning to doubt it. The mini-horror film ends with him asking her, now settled in a high chair, where she went while she stares ominously at the ceiling. How dramatic! 

In reality I’d grab my kid and never set foot in that house again.