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This Creepy Video of NBA Players Might Just Convince You We Live in the Matrix

This is so bizarre!

Many films have played with the idea that the world we know is nothing more than a simulation. In The Truman Show, the titular character does not realize that he’s spent his life on the set of a television show, and that everyone around him is an actor. The film begins when one of the “stars” in the firmament that is the dome above his head falls out of the sky and is revealed to be nothing more than a stage light. In the film The Matrix, our entire reality is nothing more than a computer program, and a “glitch” in the Matrix occurs when something goes wrong with the program, showing us ever so briefly how fake the world we live in is.

This compilation of NBA players behaving oddly might be the third piece of proof that we need that we’re all just living in a glorified video game.

The video is a carefully crafted series of scenes, showing times that basketball players moved in unison. Some of the movements are easily explainable, such as teammates all cheering at the same time after a point is scored. (I bet all the fans leapt to their feet at the same time too.) Others are just down to good performance and response times by a well-trained team, such as everyone pivoting and running the other way after a change in possession.

Others are more curious coincidences, such as two players scratching their noses at once, or two players drinking from their identical water bottles at the exact same time. Think of how many thousands of hours of basketball are recorded every season. It doesn’t take much to find a couple of coincidences and splice them together to make it look like a terrifying pattern.

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