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Native Man Discovers He Has Been Playing With a “Ghost” Dog

Hey, at least it's friendly!

This Native American TikToker re-enacts what it was like going to his friend’s house for the first time and discovering his dog was not quite what it seemed. It seemed friendly and came up for pets and attention but when he made his way into the kitchen his friend asked who he was talking to in the entryway. He said he was just playing with the dog. His friend got a strange and worried look on his face as he said “Oh, so you see it too?” His friend questioned as he admitted he didn’t have a dog. 

Stories of the spirits of beloved dogs returning from beyond the Rainbow Bridge are increasingly common as modern society continues to bring the canines ever more into our lives. It’s long been believed that dogs and cats are able to see ghosts and otherworldly spirits more acutely than most humans so it’s not a far leap to believe they, too, could return in spirit form to check on those they cared for in life.  

Tales of the paranormal and creatures that roam the land unknown by the rest of mankind are woven throughout much Native culture, although it’s widely acknowledged they dislike speaking of it too freely and prefer to keep the details within their own communities. Similarly to the culture of old Appalachia, if you think you saw something - no, you didn't. Looking or speaking of the paranormal can sometimes draw it dangerously close to you. 

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