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This Art-Covered Mystery House Is On Sale, and It Might Still Contain a Secret Treasure

You have to break the code...

A few months ago, we shared the story of TikToker @aylajkraft, who was documenting the many bizarre and beautiful rooms in her dear departed Uncle Lou’s home. The man, a trained psychiatrist, was also an avid painter and collector who covered literally every surface of his home with his visionary artwork. Most fascinating of all, he told them that he’d left a treasure in the home, and the map was encoded into the decorated walls itself.

Unfortunately, the family has had to put the house on the market, and now this hidden treasure of Sacramento is on sale in California, and causing quite a stir on the internet.


The popular social media site “Zillow Gone Wild” recently featured “Uncle Lou’s” mystery house, which is up for sale in Sacramento for a cool $825,000 dollars, because the housing market is nuts, especially in California. The listing features dozens of beautiful photos of the artwork the man spent his life creating within the walls of his home, and the description mentions the “secret room” in the basement that Lou used for his extensive comic book, film, and memorabilia collection, but the agent thinks might make a great wine cellar.

Meanwhile, the family has sold most of uncle Lou’s belongings, and even decoded the secret message on the bathroom wall he told them would lead to a “buried treasure within the walls.

Here is a video where she shows the hidden compartments behind the art.


She claims the video of these “treasures” were “taken down by TikTok, but never goes ahead and describes what was in them. So I guess the mystery remains.