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Woman In the Middle of Nowhere Kentucky Hears Mysterious Voice Come Out of the Sky

Where the heck did that come from?!

When you’re out in the wilderness, the last thing you expect is to hear is the sounds of civilization, but noise pollution in America’s rural and wild areas is becoming a huge problem. Eighty percent of the land in this country lies within at least one mile of a paved road.

But noise pollution was not what this woman was worried about when she heard a voice out of the sky the other day. Rather, for a moment, she thought she was stuck in The Hunger Games.


In the video, TikToker Vivid Camplife is stunned when she’s set up in her RV out on the country, but can still hear a mysterious voice booming through her little wilderness. Viewers agree, wondering if she’s part of a simulation, a’la The Truman Show, or if this is the announcement that she has entered The Hunger Games. Still others blame the entire incident on (what else?) the Large Hadron Collider at CERN.

Fortunately, the truth is far more prosaic. Though you can’t make out every word of the announcement, what can be heard is the final part: “This is only a test.” Many counties in Kentucky have installed Outdoor Warning Systems to assist those outside with early weather warnings, such as tornados, landslides, or other disasters. These systems must be regularly tested and that is what the woman heard. The speakers are designed to broadcast outdoors, and the sound can carry as far as half a mile, which is why she still heard it “in the middle of nowhere.”

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As this TikToker has been documenting her struggles with being unhoused and trying to start a new life, it’s a relief that she doesn’t have to worry about a dystopian death dome on top of everything else. 

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