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Camera Catches Mysterious Creature Running Through the Forest Fully Dressed

Even if it is an animal, why does it have clothes?

At first glance it seems like a toddler in a green dress bouncing down a dirt path through the forest, but the movements aren’t quite right. Then the creature pauses and turns, and the image is zoomed revealing it may not be human. Is it a dog in a dress? A particularly coordinated human toddler being goofy? Or is it something supernatural, like a ghost or creature of the fae looking to lead travelers astray in the woods? 

One commenter accurately describes the strange half walking half hopping gait as comparable to the bouncing lovable bears from the classic Disney television series Adventures of the Gummi Bears. It’s actually difficult to un-see this hilarious comparison but many commenters believe this may be a creature of the fae.

Skeptics reasonably want to know why these videos always cut off just as they seems to get a clear shot of the subject, but friends of the fairy folk warn it’s dangerous to follow as many fae are known for leading travelers astray and off the path, often to danger, death, or disappearance. 

The skeptical brain can’t help but see a cute dog in a dress that has been trained to do bipedal tricks, and it very well could be. Similar footage can be found of a dog bearing a striking resemblance to the animal seen in this video but wearing a white and red knitted dress in a home, rather than outside in the forest in green clothing. It should be noted the gait of the animals is different, with the dog taking slow but fairly steady steps one foot at a time and the forest creature moving with hops and skips. 

Many animal enthusiasts will point out that it is not recommended for dogs to maintain a bipedal posture for long periods of time as their biology is not designed for that type of movement. It’s also known to dog owners that dogs have individual personalities and some of them seem to just enjoy imitating the strange way of walking that their humans have, despite no particular effort to train them to do such.

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