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Four Steps To Getting Rid of the Ghost Baby Who Haunts Your Home

Just in case this comes up.
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There are some very creepy types of ghosts in various folklore traditions. Unlike your generic ghost, some ghosts are create when they die in particularly gruesome or appalling ways, or when the proper rites around their death have not been observed. Take, for instance, the Scandinavian ghost known as the myling (or sometimes “utburd.”)


A myling is the ghost of a baby who was killed by its parents and not buried properly. In other words, it was the victim of infanticide. (In fact, the alternative terminology, “utburd” is Norwegian for “that which is taken outside”, in reference to the infanticide practice of leaving an unwanted child out in the elements, where it would quickly freeze to death or be taken by wild animals.

The ghost will haunt the place of its death or the dwelling of those who killed it. It is known primarily by its unearthly, disembodied cries. It will weep and wail because no one ever cared for it, not even enough to name it or give it a proper burial.

But you can put the spirit of this supernatural horror at peace, by following these simple steps:

1. Give the baby a name.

2. Carry the baby toward hallowed ground (i.e., church yard or cemetery). Legend has it that the baby will grow bigger as you get closer, making it more and more difficult.

3. Bury the baby. Properly.

4. (And this one is an optional step, which is really more for your own benefit than anything else.) Definitely get therapy to deal with this traumatic incident.