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Weird “Multi-headed” Fish Monster Looks Like Something Out of a Lovecraft Story

There is evidence this may be a new species!

Arguments abound over what creatures could look like this strange, wriggling handful of razor-toothed sea monsters. A hand holds what almost looks like a multi-headed hydra of mythology, but is probably just several of the creatures being held like a grotesque bouquet. A crab claw is used to poke the terrifying little mouths that display teeth even when closed. The mouths open to a full circle and seem waiting to clamp down on anything that comes within bite range.  

There is no readily apparent answer to what these creatures are, despite many commenter suggestions. One frequently suggested answer is that these alien-like creatures are actually baby wolf eels which sounds really plausible until you look at pictures of confirmed baby wolf eels. Like most fish, these eels are born with big and wide open eyes that look very different from the unknown creatures in the video which seem to have no eyes at all. The lack of visible eyes makes it seem like these things might be babies which have not yet opened their eyes.

Another commenter gets closer with the suggestion of baby dragon gobies which seems to have a more similar head shape to what is seen in the video and very tiny eyes that could more easily be explained for being unseen, but still don’t quite seem to look the same from confirmed pictures.

The search for gobies with no eyes turned up something very interesting - an unknown adult specimen that looks exactly like the unknown baby creatures. It was caught by an angler near Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory of Australia and has turned the heads of experts who believe it may be a new species of worm goby. 

Dr. Michael Hammer, a curator of fishes from the Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory said it was very difficult to tell exactly what species it is without doing x-rays but that it could very well be an undiscovered species. Worm gobies have no eyes and spend their lives under the mud, so they are rarely seen by people. The museum is running a citizen science project and is requesting people get in touch if they come across any more of these bizarre creatures.

Much like the giant squid, these smaller eel-like water monsters may prove to be a living cryptid we are only now discovering. 

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