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Witch Shares 7 Tips for Moving Into A New Home

What are you doing to spiritually prepare for your move?

Moving is such a hectic time You have to make appointments to get your internet and cable and phone lines set up, call all your utilities to get your accounts ported over, and make sure everything is set with the movers. But in all the hustle and bustle, don’t forget to prepare your new home spiritually as well.


In this video a “common house witch” shares her tips for making sure your new home is a clean, happy, and safe place for you and your household spirits.

Step One: Before your first official night, leave an offering for the spirit of the house.

Step Two: Toss a few sprigs of basil inside the house and close it up. Leave the basil on the threshold until it dries and then sprinkle the dried leaves in the garden.

Step Three: Make some noise. Ring bells or bang pots and pans inside to clear the energy.

Step Four: Sprinkle salt in each corner of the home. You can also place a chunk of black tourmaline in each corner for protection.

Step Five: Put some iron outside of the front door (a nail works, but so does a cauldron).

Step Six: Place a basket or bowl outside the front door filled with tiny things that need to be counted, such as a bowl of sand, a basket of rocks, a pile of colorful shells, or even a broom. This will encourage anything evil that might want to enter to get distracted counting the items and forget about coming in.

Step Seven: Get rid of your old broom and get a new one for your new house.