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Woman’s Eerie Behavior in Viral Movie Theater Video Has People Shook

This gives a new meaning to the term "slugging."

A recent video of a woman’s strange behavior at the popcorn butter station in a movie theater has sparked a debate: is she an alien? Engaging in some kind of bizarre unknown beauty routine? Or is this nothing more than an elaborate prank?


In the video, a woman approaches the “add your own butter” station at the snack bar of a movie theater. But instead of putting melted butter on her popcorn, she pours the gooey substance directly into her hand and then proceeds to carefully spread the butter all over her face.

What. The…

Is she an alien unfamiliar with the mores of human society? A victim of a Stranger Things-style Mind Flayer, obsessed with the chemical-laden butter-like substance of modern movie theater snack foods? Privy to a type of beauty routine she needs to share with the class?

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Viewers of this strange incident have split opinions. “What makes you think this is an alien?” One asks. “The music,” quips another, referring to the creepy soundtrack undergirding the TikTok.

“It puts the lotion on its skin,” says another, in possibly the best joke I’ve seen in an internet comments section in a while. Still, this move seems geared more toward Hannibal Lecter than Buffalo Bill.

Others agree that it must be some kind of beauty routine that is probably due to become the next big trend on TikTok. Who needs La Mer when you can buy a sky high movie ticket purely for the benefit of slathering that warm, melted butter all over your face? 

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