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Apparently We JUST Missed the Mothman Festival

Mark your calendars for next year!

The Mothman is a creature of West Virginia folklore that was first reported in Point Pleasant in the 1960s. Two couples claimed they saw a flying, humanoid creature with ten foot wings and glowing red eyes outside an old World War II munitions plant in the area. Over the next few weeks, dozens of people came forward with reports of their own. Though biologists say what the witnesses likely saw was a sandhill crane that had wandered beyond its usual migratory routes, the legend took flight, and was supercharged by a novel called The Mothman Prophecies that was later turned into a major motion picture.

For the past twenty years, the small town of Point Pleasant has capitalized on their local cryptid by holding a Mothman Festival at the end of September.


At the Mothman Festival, which takes place every year in the third week of September, you can listen to cryptid experts discuss your favorite monster (and others), enjoy hayrides around the vicinity where the creature was seen, participate in cryptid cosplay, visit the Mothman Museum, listen to local musicians and other performers, watch all mothman-related media at the local cinema, and eat lots of tasty treats, including “moth floss” (i.e., cotton candy).

As Point Pleasant is right smack dab in the Appalachian mountains, there’s plenty of creepy folklore and eerie happenings to enjoy in your trip, and many local experts come from all around to share their knowledge about the eerie things to be found in these ancient mountains, moth-shaped and otherwise.