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Mopping the Floor Turns into Paranormal Event When Bubbles Appear to Move on Their Own

Perhaps a ghost playing with bubbles?

It starts as a seemingly average soap sud on what is likely the floor of a restaurant kitchen but spins wildly in circles that seem to take it away from the drain. A exuberant voice shouts in triumph at capturing it on camera, as if previous attempts have been made. The spinning seems to grow stronger, throwing off its own suds into the air. It spins in multiple directions, seemingly against the laws of nature and physics and when it stops for a moment the man filming breaks the bubbles apart with his hand to reveal absolutely nothing is there to explain this.  

Is this a sprite, caught in the sudden deluge of soapy water? Those who believe in the fairy faith say that household sprites will take up residence in friendly homes but perhaps they find the cuisine better at local restaurants.  

Others suggest the establishment has its very own ghost, and as far as spirits go this one does seem friendly enough. Many customers would consider a haunted restaurant to be a feature rather than a bug, as the supernatural has often been hidden among the transactions of food. Occult practices such as divination, tea-readings, and seances were sometimes illegal and practitioners would hide their services under the guise of tea rooms or sandwich shops. These elaborate ruses are no longer necessary, but many still find them appealing and would go out of their way for a chance to dine with a ghost. 

One commenter suggests the strange movement of these bubbles could be caused by the force of the bubbles being drawn together over surface tension which started a swirling motion continuing to be fed by further joining bubbles, but it seems like this phenomenon would be seen more often were that the case.

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