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Mysterious Bipedal Creature Caught on Montana Trail Camera

The camera was miles from expected human activity.

Deer Lodge, Montana is rumored to be home to strange creatures that roam far from the paved roads but are sometimes caught on trail cameras. A local rancher managed to do just that when he was having some difficulty with predators and equipped his land with over a hundred motion controlled trail cameras. One morning, on a routine check of the trail cams, he discovered footage unlike anything he’d ever caught previously.  

The footage is in black and white and shows a glowing white humanoid figure with a seemingly oversized and oblong head walking strangely in front of the camera. While it is certainly possible this is a human, the camera was located miles away from any roads or trails that would lead a pedestrian to his wooded ranch area.

Not to be easily discredited, he went back to the scene of the still photo to conduct an experiment. He stood in the exact spot and tried to mimic the same body position as the being he captured on camera. Side by side comparison makes it clear something very weird is going on here. The camera footage of himself looks as one would expect with clear details of clothing and a brimmed hat with a coat hood pulled over it, with even his eyes and mouth quite visible. Contrasted with the slightly incorrectly proportioned glowing being with no visible clothes or features, it definitely begs further investigation.

Some speculate it may be a bigfoot, as Montana has a rich history of cryptid sightings with the most reported being sasquatch-like creatures. Many believe this is their ideal habitat, with enough wilderness to keep their existence from being proven.

Montana is also a reported hotbed of UFO activity tracing back to at least the 1950s when footage of two strange metallic orbs was caught on film, providing some of the first video evidence of flying saucers.

The show Ancient Aliens took the trail camera image to forensic image analysts for authentication. No alterations, manipulations, or inconsistencies were discovered.

More and more people are watching the skies for signs of alien life, resulting in more UFO reports in 2022 than the previous seventeen years combined. Perhaps it’s time to utilize more trail cameras in areas with heavy reports of unexplained lights or crafts in the sky. 

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