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Mom Believes Magic Is Real Because of the Miraculous Thing That Happened the Night Her Daughter Died

Hard to explain this one...

This mother says the night her daughter passed away was a normal night - until one special moment she believes was her daughter saying goodbye before anybody knew something was wrong. She says they went through their normal bedtime routine and while they were watching television her three year old daughter put her tiny hands on her mother’s face and touched their foreheads together. She stayed like this, forehead to forehead, for over two minutes. Tragically, her daughter passed away in her sleep that night. She later learned touching foreheads is a common ancient way of saying “I love you”. 

A few years after the terrible loss of her daughter she consulted a psychic medium because she was desperate to know if she was still out there in the afterlife. She says the psychic knew nothing at all about her but the spirit of her daughter came through to predict her mother would go on to have a son and marry the partner she was seeing at the time - who the daughter described in detail.

Skeptics often point out that those suffering horrific loss can be easy marks for charlatans looking to prey on grief. While there is no harm in seeking comfort, the cost should never be so high that it interferes with cost of living. Being asked to pay more than you can afford is one of the huge warning signs of a fake

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