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Mom Re-enacts Time Spirit Mimicked Her Daughter To Get Her Attention

Ever swear your kids called you but they were fast asleep? It might have been something else calling out to you...
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Of all the scary stories about spirits, demons, and things that go bump in the night, perhaps the scariest are whatever creature it is that mimics the sound of loved ones. If you’re standing in your house and hear your family calling you from the next room, but no one is there. If you’re walking though your yard and you make out the sound of someone calling your name. It’s more than unsettling…it’s a big, fat NOPE.

But that is what this mom is dealing with.


In the video, a woman re-enacts a time that she was certain she heard the cries of her baby coming from the child’s room, but when she went inside to check, the baby was fast asleep.

So what was going on? Maybe the baby briefly cried out, due to gas or a bad area, and went right back to sleep, or maybe she is indeed dealing with a mimicking demon in her house.

Or maybe it’s something a bit more normal. According to scientists, phantom baby cries are a totally normal part of motherhood. The maternal brain is highly attuned to the sound of a crying baby, and the level of attention and care that mothers pay to their children puts them on high alert. Sometimes, especially for sleep-deprived new mothers, the signals in the brain just misfire, and you can think that you heard the sound of a baby crying, even if you were only just wondering if it was time to check on the baby.

These auditory hallucinations are nothing to worry about, and should come as a relief. At least it’s not a ghost in your house.